The Everlasting Guilty Pool

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The Everlasting Guilty Pool

TypeSolid block
Tooltip textCreative Mana Pool, has infinite Mana Worthy of an Egoist.

The The Everlasting Guilty Pool is a block added by Botania. It can only be spawned in when in creative mode or through console commands—as such it does not have a recipe. It is similar to the Mana Pool except it has infinite Mana. The Mana bar will stay full no matter how many objects it is delivering Mana to.

Like many other items from Botania, this item carries a reference to Japanese anime. It is a reference to "The Everlasting Guilty Crown" which is the second opening theme to the anime Guilty Crown. The tooltip also makes this reference, with "Egoist" being the name of the group that made the song.