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The Endergetic Expansion
Current developersEndergized
Minecraft Abnormals team
Version1.16.5: 3.0.0
1.16.4: 3.0.0
1.16.3: 3.0.0
1.16.1: 2.1.2
1.15.2: 1.3.2
1.14.4: 1.2.0
Supported Minecraft versions1.14.4-1.16.5
Discord serverLink

The Endergetic Expansion is a worldgen mod created and maintained by Endergized and the Minecraft Abnormals team. It adds new biomes, new mobs, new blocks, plants, food and bosses to the game, primarily in The End.

It aims to expand The End, a barren world, into an alien world filled with structures to loot, better landscape and add alien flora and fauna.

This mod was originally created for ModJam 5 and called Endthereal, introducing the Eetle (unrelated to Eetles Reborn). Biomes and creatures have been inspired and created on the Reddit forum Minecraft Abnormals. It has also inspired other Mobjam mods like Stygian End in Spooky Jam 2018.


The biomes are loosely colour coded.

Upcoming Biomes

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