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This page is about the Thaumcraft 5 Thaumometer. For other uses, see Thaumometer.

ModThaumcraft 5

The Thaumometer is an item added by Thaumcraft 5. Right-clicking it on blocks or entities will scan them for Research.

In the upper left corner of the user interface will show a bar measuring the amount of Aura in the area. Pressing F (per default) with the Thaumometer in hand will change the bar to show a particular aspect (or back to showing all aspects).


Thaumonomicon entry

This Thaumometer is one of the most useful and important tools in a thaumaturgists arsenal, second only to the wand.
Firstly it allows you to scan objects, creatures or mystical phenomena and determine their magical make-up. You simply need to click on things to scan them. Things that can be scanned for new information will be surrounded by golden questionmarks while you hold the thaumometer
Secondly they display the current and base aura in the chunk you are located. Pressing 'F' while holding it allows you to change what aspect of the aura it displays.