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Current developersmickelus
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2-1.16.5

Tetra is a mod added by mickelus. It allows for the altering and tweaking of tools and weapons to the player's desire.

Getting Started

The hammer is incredibly vital to tweaking your tools, and crafting one is not too difficult.

The hammer

Start off with a diorite or andesite hammer, as those are the most durable starting hammers available at the start of a game. (you can make them out of wood and cobblestone by swapping out the andesite/diorite)

Right click the hammer on a vanilla crafting table and you have a Tetra workbench, on which you'll be creating most of your tools and cracking open some of those sweet geodes.

Now you want to obtain the Holosphere.

Crafting the Holosphere

The Holosphere is the single most important thing in the entire pack, allowing you to get recipes for your weapons and tools as you please. Most modpacks will just give it to you by default, but here's how to obtain it if you don't have that luxury.

The Holosphere is crafted by surrounding a redstone lamp with 4 metal scrap (more on obtaining later)

After that, you need to go and search for an underground Ancient Ruin, which is located near bedrock in mountainous or snowy biomes, at around Y=0 to Y=30

What the ancient ruin looks like from the outside

This is where you'll get most of the materials for your start.

From there, mine a few of the dark factory-looking blocks with a T5 pickaxe (or your hammer) and you will get metal scrap, to now craft your holosphere.