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This page is about the Tesseract added by Thermal Expansion 3. For other uses, see Tesseract.

ModThermal Expansion 3
TypeSolid block

The Tesseract is a block added by Thermal Expansion used to move energy, items and liquids between locations and across dimensions.


Tesseracts are compatible with:


Right-clicking a Tesseract opens the GUI. To set the Tesseract frequency, enter a number between 0 and 999 in the upper slot and press the green check mark.

Frequencies can be named, allowing them to be used as a preset across the Tesseract network. To name a frequency, enter a frequency number in the upper slot, and then enter a name (and combination of alphanumeric, including punctuation) in the lower slot and press the green + sign. To set a Tesseract to a preset frequency, select the frequency and press the green check mark.

Note: Frequencies and names are only shared by that type of Tesseract. For example, if an energy Tesseract is set to frequency 1 named "Generators", item and liquid Tesseracts may still use frequency 1 and the name "Generators" without overlap.

In the configuration tab the player can set frequencies to be public or private. Public access tesseracts can be used by any player while private access tesseracts may only be used by the owner. Tesseracts may be set to send, receive, or both.

Tesseracts can be controlled via redstone. In the configuration tab, the tesseract can be set to function with no redstone signal (low), with a redstone signal (high), or to not be affected by redstone (disable).

  • Right clicking a Tesseract with Shiny Dust makes it remember its settings even after being picked up and moved.

GUI Tesseract.png


Tesseracts are crafted in a multi-step process. There are two initial stages, tesseract frame and unattuned tesseract.

Tesseract Frame

Unattuned Tesseract

Item Tesseract

Energy Tesseract

Liquid Tesseract