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This page is about the Tesla Coil added by Immersive Engineering. For other uses, see Tesla Coil.
Tesla Coil

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeSolid block
Max RF input4096 RF/t
RF useHigh-power: 256-512
Low-power: 128-256 RF/t
RF storage48,000 RF
Technical details
First appearance0.8-27

The Tesla Coil is a block added by Immersive Engineering. It protects a 13x13x13 area by shocking mobs that enter the area.

In order to protect the area, the Tesla Coil needs to consume 256 RF/t, and needs to consume 512 RF each time it shocks a mob.

The Tesla Coil must be powered by Redstone in order to function. This can be inverted by right-clicking the Tesla Coil with an Engineer's Hammer, In the newer versions of the mod you need to use the Screwdriver.

RIP Sheep.png

The Tesla Coil's electricity damage will cook animal's meat, although it will not create Charged Creepers and the like. It will also cause Stun.

Shift right-clicking the Tesla Coil with an Engineer's Hammer (Or again in the newer version the Screwdriver) will change the mode of the Tesla Coil. Per default, the Tesla Coil is in "high-power" mode, the opposite being "low-power" mode. In low-power mode, the Tesla Coil will only use half as much power with half the range. Additionally, wearing a Faraday suit within range a low-power configured Tesla Coil will prevent any damage being caused to the user, but wearing a Faraday suit within range a high-power configured Tesla Coil will increase the damage. Beware, if you attempt to change the mode of an active Tesla Coil, you will die instantly.

A Fluorescent Tube can be used to determine if a certain spot is in range of a Tesla Coil.



  • According the Engineer's Manual, the Tesla Coil was made in a failed attempt to create a wireless energy system.