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This page is about the IndustrialCraft 2 Terraformer. For other uses, see Terraformer.
Block Terraformer.png

ModIndustrialCraft 2
EU useChilling: 4 EU/t
Desertification: 4 EU/t
Irrigation: 8 EU/t
Compression: 10 EU/t
Cultivation: 20 EU/t
Flatificator: 40 EU/t
EU storage40 EU

The Terraformer is a machine added by IndustrialCraft 2. It is used to radically alter the terrain around itself by using a Terraformer Blueprint supplied to it.



While operating, the Terraformer will use a variable amount of Energy Units (EU) per tick, depending on the demands of the provided Terraformer Blueprint. The Terraformer's internal battery can hold 100,000 EU.

While operating, the Terraformer will use as much EU per tick as it is provided. Care must be taken to prevent the Terraformer from taking all the EU generated on the power grid, leaving no extra for other machines.

Note: The Terraformer can handle up to Extreme Voltage Energy (EV); any more than 2048 EU per tick will cause the machine to explode violently.

Terraformer Blueprints

Blueprint Program Min. EU/t Needed Blueprint Function Effective Range

4 Makes Snow and Snow Blocks appear, freezes Water ?

20 Changes Sand into Dirt into Grass Blocks, grows Grass, adds plants ?

4 Changes Dirt into Sand, destroys plants, melts Snow and Ice ?

40 Removes natural Blocks above its own level, adds a surface layer of Dirt at its level 55

8 Turns Sand into Dirt into Grass Blocks, rarely spawns Water, forces saplings and crops to grow, sugarcane grows beyond its 3-block limit. Will also sprout any logs in the area into full trees. ?

? Converts Dirt into Mycelium and spawns mushrooms on every block. Also fertilizes mushrooms to their huge counterparts ?