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This template adds an Ambox to link to the corresponding page on the official Minecraft Wiki. If used in the main namespace, it will add a category to the page in the format Category:Vanilla (type)s where (type) is the type of page, ex. Category:Vanilla items.


  • 1: (Default: {{FULLPAGENAME}}) Name of the block/item on the MCW, if different than in this wiki.
  • noambox: (Optional) Set this to any value to disable the ambox, but keep the categorization. Useful in some rare cases.
  • type: (Default: item) The type of page. Can be any of the following, or custom. This will automatically be converted to lowercase.
  • biome
  • block
  • dimension
  • enchantment
  • item
  • structure
  • mechanic
  • mob
  • tool

Translation information

This template supports translation in conjunction with {{Vanilla/types}}. If used in a translated page, the first parameter passed into this template will need to be a translation unit. This is because interlanguage Minecraft Wikis have page names titled in their local language and not in English.


{{Vanilla|type=item|Iron Ingot}}


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