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This template is the display logic for tanks. This template should not be used alone, it must always be used in a crafting grid template parameter that accepts tanks. If you want to create a single tank in an article, please use {{G/Tank}}. To create a tank for crafting grid templates, please use {{Cg|tank}}.


  • 1: (Default: Water) Liquid name. Liquid images must be uploaded to: [[File:Liquid <liquid name>.png]].
  • 2: (Default: 5000) Liquid amount, maximum amount is defined by the tank container, please check the crafting grid documentation for details.
  • img: (Optional) Liquid image override.
  • title: (Optional) Tooltip title override.
  • desc: (Optional) Tooltip description override.
  • unit: (Default: mB) Unit to be displayed in the tooltip.
  • rot90: (Optional) If true, rotates the tank cell 90 degrees clockwise. This may be awkward to use, as the positioning is still set as if the tank was not rotated.