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This template allows nested references where a reference is included inside a reference. This is mainly useful where content that would normally be in <ref>...</ref> tags is used as an explanatory note and requires a cite using <ref>...</ref>.

This template uses the magic word {{#tag:ref}} to allow the Cite parser to pass wiki markup.


{{refn|name=name|group=groupname|Reference or note including <ref></ref>}}

  • name: Reference name per reference name
  • groupname: Groupname per reference group; if not specified, then the main and nested references will be rendered into the same reference list


Markup Renders as
An example.{{refn|group=note|name=first|A note.<ref>An included reference.</ref>}}
Another example.{{refn|group=note|Another note.<ref>Another included reference.</ref>}}
A third example.{{refn|group=note|The third note.<ref>The reference in the third note.</ref>}}
Repeating the first example.{{refn|group=note|name=first}}


An example.[note 1]

Another example.[note 2] A third example.[note 3] Repeating the first example.[note 1]

  1. 1.0 1.1 A note.[1]
  2. Another note.[2]
  3. The third note.[3]
  1. An included reference.
  2. Another included reference.
  3. The reference in the third note.


If the reference or note content is missing, then "Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content." will be displayed.