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Creates a link with an icon to the specified item. {{NI}} acts as a shortcut to this template.


  • 1: The exact in-game name of the item to be displayed. This is required.
  • 2: Changes the target of the link.
  • 3: Change the text to be displayed in the link.
  • icon: Change the icon to be displayed, none gives no icon.
  • mod: The abbreviation of the mod that adds the item. Abbreviations can be found at Module:Mods/list.


Code Result
{{Navbox item|Cart Assembler|mod=SC}}

Cart Assembler
{{Navbox item|Cart Assembler|mod=SC|Main Page}}

Main Page
{{Navbox item|Cart Assembler|mod=SC|Main Page|Some Title}}

Some Title
{{Navbox item|Cart Assembler|icon=none}}
Cart Assembler

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