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Template-info.png Documentation

This template is a general animation wrapper, a simple guide to using it can be found in the crafting grid guide.


  • 1: (Default: begin) Type of the output, accepted values are begin and end. If the value is set to begin, then the template marks the beginning of the stuff to be animated; if it is set to end, then it marks the end of the stuff to be animated.
  • display: (Default: inline) The CSS display attribute.
  • style: (Optional) Additional styles.
  • slide: (Optional) Set to have the animation behave like a manual slideshow, controls will be generated automatically.
  • tag: (Optional) Sets the tag to use for the animation wrapper. Defaults to div.


Code Result Comment
{{N|begin}}{{Gc|mod=BC|link=none|Paintbrush (White)}}{{Gc|mod=BC|link=none|Paintbrush (Orange)}}{{N|end}}

Normal usage

Automatically sets {{O}} to "no-anim"