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<includeonly>{{{1}}} modicon
<includeonly>[[{{{1|{{ #sub: {{PAGENAME}} | 8 | -4 }}}}}|{{{2|{{{1|{{ #sub: {{PAGENAME}} | 8 | -4 }}}}}}}}]] modicon.

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Template-info.png Documentation

This template should be transcluded when uploading or modifying modicons. It is meant to standardize the format of modicon file summaries. For simple usage, {{Modicon}} can be used to automatically link to the mod page if the filename is in the EXACT format of File:Modicon (mod).png.


  • 1: (Optional) The wikilink to replace the content before "modicon". If not set, will default to the name extracted from the form File:Modicon (mod).png to get the mod name.
  • 2: (Optional) The link text to show when displaying the wikilink


{{Modicon|Crop Dusting}}


[[Crop Dusting]] modicon