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Lua logo.svg This template uses Module:Infobox, with data stored in Module:Infobox/mod.
These scripts are written in Lua. Please see wikipedia:wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

This template is used to create an info box that aligns to the right side of the article it is embedded in. It is designed for use in articles about mods.


A blank infobox is provided on the right for quicker reference, the infobox will be collapsed on actual articles.
Current developers{{{author}}}
Past developers{{{pastauthor}}}
Supported Minecraft versions{{{mcversion}}}
Mod loader{{{modloader}}}
Depends on{{{requires}}}
Needed for{{{neededfor}}}
Previously depended on{{{requirespast}}}
Previously needed for{{{neededforpast}}}
URL[{{{url}}} Link]
Discord server[{{{discord}}} Link]
IRC channel{{IRC|{{{irc}}}}}
Mod ID{{{id}}}
  • name: The title that will be displayed at the top of the info box.
  • image: The modicon of the mod in the format Modicon (full mod name).png where the modicon is located. Use the complete filename, like "Block sand.png".
  • author: Current author or authors of the mod. Separate multiple authors by commas or linebreaks.
  • pastauthor: Previous author(s) of the mod.
  • version: The current mod version. Optionally, this can have different versions for each supported Minecraft version denoted by a colon and separated by <br />.
  • mcversion: The Minecraft versions that are supported by the mod.
  • modloader: The mod loader used by the mod. This will usually be Minecraft Forge.
  • requires or dependency: If the mod is an addon to another mod.
  • neededfor: If the mod is a dependency to another mod.
  • requirespast or dependencypast: If the mod was dependent on another mod, but is no longer.
  • neededforpast: If the mod had a dependency to another mod, but it is no longer needed.
  • url: URL to the mod's main page. Can be a dedicated forum thread or website.
  • discord: The Discord server for the mod.
  • irc: The IRC server and channel for the mod. Formatted as server@channel, for example: esper.net@TheSteamTank.
  • id: The mod's mod ID


  • modpacks: What modpacks include this mod.


{{Infobox mod
|name=Thaumcraft 4
|image=Modicon Thaumcraft4.png
|modloader={{L|Minecraft Forge}}
|neededfor={{L|Magic Bees}}<br />{{L|Thaumic Tinkerer}}
|pastauthor=Still Azanor
|modpacks={{L|FTB Unleashed}}<br />{{L|FTB Unhinged}}
Thaumcraft 4
Modicon Thaumcraft4.png
Current developersAzanor
Past developersStill Azanor
Mod loaderMinecraft Forge
Depends onBaubles
Needed forMagic Bees
Thaumic Tinkerer
FTB Unleashed
FTB Unhinged