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This template displays an information message to alert users that a block or item has been removed from IC2 Experimental, and optionally can say which build (as well as providing a link to that build on Jenkins), and what it was replaced by if applicable.


  • plural (Optional) Whether it is plural or not
  • type (Optional) What type is the removed thing, defaults to item.
  • replaced (Optional) Whether the item was removed or replaced, no including = removed, else replaced
  • build (Optional) Which build the item was removed in, giving a link to the Jenkins page for it
  • unsure (Optional) Whether it is certain the block/item was removed in that build
  • replacement (Optional) Which item/block it was replaced by, automatically turning into a link
  • the (Optional) Gives option whether it's "the (replacement)" or "(replacement)". Give "no" to not have "the" present.


{{IC2 Experimental|type=block|build=555|unsure=yes|replacement=IndustrialCraft 2 Fluids#Biomass{{!}}Biomass|the=no}} gives: