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This template adds a article message box stating that the page needs cleanup, the page is also added to Category:Articles needing style editing.


  • 1,reason: (Optional) The specific reason why the page needs cleanup.
  • date: (Optional) Date tag to display in the bottom right corner. Please use: {{subst:#time:F Y}} as this value.
  • nocat: (Optional) If set, will not add the page to Articles needing style editing.


Standard usage



Cleanup notice with all parameters used:

{{Cleanup|Needs to be split into more sections.|date={{subst:#time:F Y}}}}


See also

  • {{Ambox}} creates a article message box.
  • {{Disambiguation}} used to mark disambiguation pages.
  • {{Sandbox}} used to mark sandboxes.
  • {{Stub}} used to mark stubs.
  • {{Tone}} used to mark pages with a bad tone.