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This template is used to create a grid that looks similar to the NEI display for Botania Runic Altar recipes. As is displayed in-game, the input items are evenly spaced around a circle. The mana bar is generated through {{Mana}}.

See {{Gc}} for grid usage and {{Cg}} for crafting grid usage, this page will only cover cell names and additional information.

This template has one restriction to its use: while multiple recipes can be displayed in a single template call, all recipes must have the same number of inputs. To display multiple recipes with different input counts, additional template calls are required.


Zoom: x10
Liquid BTN Mana.png

  • I1 - IX: (Optional) Unlimited inputs.
  • O: (Optional) Output.
  • M, mana: (Optional) Mana consumption. Use {{Mana}}. If this is less than 10,000, the bar will automatically zoom in 10x to make the amount more visible.

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