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Displays a link to the category page with the provided name. This template acts identically the same as [[:Category:<Category name>|]].


  • 1: Category name.
  • 2: Alternate link text


Common usage:{{C|Templates}} produces: Templates. {{C|Templates|some templates}} produces: some templates.

See also

  • {{L}} Creates a language link.
  • {{NI}} or {{Navbox item}} Displays a small grid icon with a link to the item name provided for use in navigation boxes.
  • {{P}}, {{P16}}, & {{Pn}} Displays the grid icon for the provided item name.
  • {{TC}} Categorizes a template from its documentation.
  • {{Tl}} Displays a template link surrounded by double curly brackets.
  • {{U}} Displays a link to the username to the provided username.