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This is the article message box metatemplate, it is used to build article message boxes like {{Stub}}.


  • small: (Optional) Creates a small article message box with the css float property set to the specified value.
  • image: (Default: Ambox {{{type}}}.png) Sets the image displayed on the left of the message box.
  • type: (Default: notice) Sets the color of the left bar, the icon is also chosen depending on this value if icon isn't set. Acceptable values, and respective colors and default icons, are listed below:
  • date: (Optional) Date tag to display in the bottom right corner.
  • text: The text to display in the message box.


Code Result
{{Ambox|type=notice|text=Hello|date={{subst:#time:F Y}}}}
{{Ambox|type=notice|text=Hello|small=left|date={{subst:#time:F Y}}}}

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