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This page is about the Teleposer from Project Red. For other uses, see Teleposer.

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesExpansion

The Teleposer is a block added by Project Red since version v4.7.0pre3. The block allows the teleportation of the player between two of them, which are linked (see Usage).

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Teleposer with the Chemical Decomposer into 48 Iron (Fe), 32 Silicon Dioxide, 16 Magnesium Oxide, 8 Calcium Carbonate, 3 Carbon Nanotubes, 1 Einsteinium (Es) and possible some Cellulose based of its wood content.



The Teleposer allows the teleportation of players between two of them. In the following is explained how the player can setup a linked pair of Teleposers. The player needs following materials to construct a working teleportation system:

Step 1: Setup

Each Teleposer must be placed at one place, which should be interconnected by teleportation (for example the house and a mine). The maximum distance is unlimited but both chunks (where the Teleposers are), must be active. If large distances to be bridged (where by default the target chunk is not loaded), the player must use Chunkloaders from other mods, such as ChickenChunks or Dimensional Anchors, to hold the chunks active.

Now both Teleposers must be supplied with sufficient Electrotine Power for activation and teleportation. This e.g. can be done by the Electrotine Generator, which is placed directly next to the Teleposer or connected via Low Load Power Line to a power grid. For the activation the Teleposer needs the energy of 32 Electrotine and glows blue, if he has enough activated (shown in Picture 1).

Step 2: Linking

For linking both Teleposers to each other, the player must use two Ender Pearls. The first Ender Pearl must be dropped on one of the activated Teleposer, and the pearl turns into a Infused Ender Pearl, which containing the coordinates of this Teleposer. The coordinates are shown in the inventory, if the player goes with the cursor on the item. On the second Teleposer the player must do the same with a second Ender Pearl.

Now the player has two Infused Ender Pearls, each with the coordinates of one of the Teleposers, which must be placed on the opposite Teleposer. So the first Infused Ender Pearl on the second Teleposer and the second Infused Ender Pearl on the first Teleposer. Simply drop the Pearl on the Teleposer, and the Pearl should float above the Teleposer.

Step 3: Teleportation

For telepotation the player needs Ender Pearls. Simply hold on Ender Pearl in the hand and right click on the floating Infused Ender Pearl above the Teleposer (shown in Picture 2). The player is instantly telepoted to the other Teleposer and the Ender Pearl is consumed. Also some Electrotine Power is consumed. If not enough power is available and the Teleposer is deactivated.


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