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This page is about the Mekanism Teleporter. For other uses, see Teleporter.
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The Teleporter is a machine added by Mekanism. It is a part of the Teleporter Portal multiblock. It is used as the controller block, accepting power, and manipulating settings. It can also be used standalone with the Portable Teleporter.



To use the Teleporter, you can do two things:


To use the Teleporter standalone, you need to use the Portable Teleporter. Set a frequency in the Teleporter GUI, and make sure that the machine is powered, and in a loaded chunk. Set the same frequency in the portable teleporter, press set, and then press teleport. Doing this will teleport you on top of the Teleporter block.

Teleporter portal

See Teleporter Portal for information on how to use it as a multiblock.


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