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Tekkit Lite
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Maintained byTechnic
Version info
Current stable0.6.5

Tekkit Lite is a Technic modpack created by the Technic Team. It is designed as a 1.4.7 replacement for Tekkit Classic.

Mods included

Mod Authors
Additional Pipes Flow86
Advanced Machines AtomicStryker
Advanced Power Management Pantheis, Tallinu
Advanced Repulsion Systems immibis
Applied Energistics AlgorithmX2
Balkon's WeaponMod BalkondeurAlpha
bspkrsCore bspkrs
BuildCraft SpaceToad, Krapht, SirSengir
ChickenChunks ChickenBones
CodeChickenCore ChickenBones
CoFH Core TeamCoFH
Compact Solar Arrays cpw
ComputerCraft dan200
Custom LAN Ports CptHunter
Dimensional Anchors immibis
Dimensional Doors StevenRS11
Equivalent Exchange 3 Pahimar
EnderStorage ChickenBones
Factorization neptunepink
Flat Bedrock power crystals
IC2 Nuclear Control Shedar
IndustrialCraft 2 Alblaka, IC2 Team
Immibis Core immibis
Inventory Tweaks Kobata
Iron Chests cpw
Logistic Pipes RS485
MineFactory Reloaded power crystals
Modular Powersuits MachineMuse
Mystcraft XCompWiz
NEI Plugins Mystaqur
NEI RedPower Plugin ChickenBones
Not Enough Items ChickenBones
Nether Ores power crystals
OmniTools TeamCoFH
OpenCCSensors Cloudy, Mikee
Power Converters power crystals
PowerCrystals Core power crystals
RedPower 2 Eloraam
REI's Minimap ReiFNSK
Steve's Carts Vswe
Thermal Expansion 2 TeamCoFH
Treecapitator DaftPVF, bspkrs
Tubestuff immibis
WR-CBE ChickenBones

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