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Modicon Technomancy.png
Current developerstheflogat
Past developersDemocretes
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Depends onCoFH Core
Thermal Expansion
Thaumcraft 4

Technomancy is an addon for Thermal Expansion and Thaumcraft 4 originally by Democretes, but is now maintained by theflogat. It aims to combine technology and magic in a balanced and fun way. It uses Redstone Flux (RF) to perform advanced magical abilities and rituals. It adds new types of Dynamos, jars, lamps, and other useful blocks. It requires CoFH Core and Thermal Expansion 4 to be installed, but for most content to actually be added, Thaumcraft 4 must also be installed. It has support and capabilities if Botania and Blood Magic are installed as well.

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