Tartaric Aeroheater

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Tartaric Aeroheater

ModProdigy Tech
Tooltip textMakes very hot air using Furnace fuels and Tartaric Stoker

Consumes fuel faster as it heats up

Turn off with redstone signal
Blast resistance135
Technical details
First appearance0.1.0

The Tartaric Aeroheater is a machine added by Prodigy Tech. It will burn any Furnace fuel inserted into it alongside Tartaric Stoker in order to generate Hot Air and supply it to the block above. It requires both fuel and stoker to work and they are burned at the same time. 1 Tartaric Stoker burns as long as 1 Coal would as Furnace fuel.

It functions similarly to the Solid Fuel Aeroheater, with the following differences:

  • It requires Tartaric Stoker
  • It heats up and cools down at a constant rate of 0.5 and 1°C per tick, respectively
  • It can reach a maximum temperature of 1000°C, the highest in Prodigy Tech
  • It burns its fuel faster as it heats up

Fuel usage

The following table describes the rates the Tartaric Aeroheater will burn Furnace fuel and Tartraic Stoker depending on its current temperature. Fuel burning speed is described as a multiplier to the standard fuel burning rate in a Furnace.

Temperature range Fuel burning speed
30-80 1
81-100 2
101-125 3
126-160 4
161-200 5
201-250 6
251-320 8
321-400 10
401-500 13
501-600 16
601-750 20
751-1000 25