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Tanzanite Tree
Tree Tanzanite.png
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Width 5
Height 5-8
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The Tanzanite Tree is a tree added by Calculator. It does not spawn naturally, instead Tanzanite Saplings can be crafted with an Atomic Calculator.

Tanzanite Trees grow like vanilla Oaks, but with their own leaves and logs instead. Unlike other leaves, Tanzanite Leaves do not decay when the tree's logs are removed, and will not drop new saplings. In addition, small "fruits" will grow over time on the leaves. Those can be right clicked with a Health Module or harvested automatically using a Stone Assimilator, yielding 1 Health Point each.

Tanzanite Wood can be made into Tanzanite Planks, which can then be made into stairs or fences. They can also be turned into Tanzanite Saplings using an Atomic Calculator, or processed in an Algorithm Separator into Oak Wood and Tanzanites. Tanzanite Leaves can be processed in a similar way into Oak Leaves and Tanzanite Shards.


Info Calculator entry

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  • None of the Calculator trees occur naturally, they can only be made
  • Used with Health Modules. Created by using a Large Tanzanite, Atomic Binding, and any vanilla sapling in an Atomic Calculator
  • This process can be automated with the Stone Assimilator
  • It yields health points when right clicked with a Health Module or if the logs/leaves are placed in a Health Processor. Alternate crafting method is Tanzanite Leaves, Atomic Binding, and Tanzanite Log in an Atomic Calculator.
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