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Tooltip textThis tank can hold up to 16 buckets of liquid. It is also capable of mixing the characteristics of liquid crystal. Place a comparator next to this tank to detect how filled the tank is
This page is about the Tank from Deep Resonance. For other uses, see Tank.

The Tank is a block added by Deep Resonance. It can hold up to 16 buckets of any fluid and retains its content when broken. Tanks placed adjacent to eachother will merge, causing them to act as a single multiblock tank. A single Tank, or set of connected tanks, can only hold one type of fluid at a time. Additionally, it can mix Resonant Crystal Liquids with different attributes together.

All machines from Deep Resonance that interact with fluids need one or more Tanks to be placed adjacents to them on specific faces. Right clicking the faces of a Tank will change its interaction with fluid transportation, alternating between no interaction, input and output.


Deep Resonance Manual entry

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The tanks from Deep Resonance have room for 16 buckets of liquid. If you place multiple tanks connected to each other they will form a multiblock capable of holding more liquid. They are normal tanks so they can contain liquids of any mod but they have special support for RCL as they can mix incoming RCL with the liquid that is already there. For example, adding 50% purity liquid to a tank containing already 40% purity liquid will slightly increase the overall purity of the liquid in the tank.

Right clicking a face of the tank will toggle between three modes: none, accept, and provide. This is not needed for sides that are connected to machines of this mod (smelter, crystalizer, ...) as they will automatically connect to the tank.

Placing a comparator next to the tank will allow detecting if the tank is filled between 40 and 60%. This helps for automating the correct filling of the lava tank under the smelter.
Deep Resonance Manual