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This page is about the Tank added by Charset. For other uses, see Tank.

TypeSolid block
Required modulesstorage.tanks
Blast resistance3
Liquid storage16,000 mB

The Tank is a block added by Charset. It can store 16,000 mB, or 16 Buckets, of fluid. Right-clicking it with a filled fluid storage item will move the fluid in the storage device into the Tank, and right-clicking it with an empty fluid storage device will move the fluid from the Tank into the item.

The Tank will automatically transport its liquid to a Tank under it, if one exists.

The Tank has Redstone Comparator support. When measuring it, the Redstone Comparator will emit a signal proportional to how full the Tank is. For example, a full tank will yield a full 15 signal strength from the Redstone Comparator, and an empty tank will yield no signal.

The Tank is not portable, as breaking it will release the liquid inside of it as a source, without dropping the tank itself.



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