Taglock Kit

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Taglock Kit


The Taglock Kit is a tool from the Witchery mod. This tool is used to collect taglocks from players or creatures. Taglocks are used in various recipes to create links between creatures and magic. The taglocks can be collected via many types of beds (including Vanilla beds, Coffins, and other mod beds), Leech Chest, or directly using the tool on the creature.

As of Witchery version 0.19.1, using a Taglock Kit on a player is sensitive to the direction that it is collected, and whether or not the collector was sneaking and/or invisible. Collecting it from the front of the player will have a 1% chance to obtain the taglocks, or 10% if sneaking, while collecting from the back will have a 30% chance, or 60% if sneaking. Collecting from the front while invisible will add 10% chance.

As of Witchery version 0.20.0, an option in the configuration file can be ticked to disable taglock collection from server OPs. There is also a configuration option for use by non-PVP servers to prevent taglock collection from using the kit on other players or their beds. With this setting toggled on, taglocks must be obtained directly from the player.



Using the Taglock Kit on a creature, or a bed that a player has slept in will collect the according taglocks. Repeated use on the same bed will cycle taglocks for each player who has slept in that bed. Using a Taglock Kit on a Leech Chest will obtain the taglocks from the players that have opened it. Sneak-using the kit on a bed will collect the taglocks for the using player. The player who has slept in the bed must be logged into the same world for the taglock to be collected.