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Tablet of Necromancy

ModThaumic Tinkerer
TypeSolid block

Tablet of Necromancy is a block added by Thaumic Tinkerer. It has the ability to summon mobs using their Soul Aspects which are obtained by killing mobs using the Cursed Spirit's Blade. Three Arcane Pedestals need to be placed around the tablet containing the mob's soul aspects. Each mob has its own combination which can be found by killing it with the Cursed Spirit's Blade. The soul aspects will be consumed, Infused Soul Aspects will not be consumed but will summon mobs at a much slower rate.

A formation of how the tablet should be placed around


Thaumonomicon entry

You are able to use the souls gained from a Cursed spirits blade in order to summon mobs. Place three pedestals around a Tablet of Necromancy. On the pedestals, place three soul aspects. Different types of soul aspects give different types of mobs. Every mob has a different composition.
By creating Infused Soul Aspects, you are able to summon mobs without consuming Soul Aspects. Summoning using Infused Soul Aspects is much slower than normal.
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