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This page is about the Syringe added by Advanced Genetics. For other uses, see Syringe.

ModAdvanced Genetics

The Syringe is a tool featured in Advanced Genetics. It allows the player to inject themselves or other mobs with Genes that contain abilities.

Holding the right mouse button will begin an animation where the Syringe is being pulled back. Releasing the right mouse button will inject the Syringe into the player and then quickly retract giving the player a Syringe (Filled). This will appear to have blood inside it.

Right-clicking while facing a mob will instantly inject the Syringe into them, the Syringe will then quickly retract and the player will have a 'Syringe (Filled)'. This will appear to have green blood in.

Although injecting the Syringe into a mob or player will give Syringe (Filled), blood samples taken from mobs will be green, while samples taken from players will be red.

If the player injects themselves with green mob blood they will be given the Wither, Nausea and Blindness effects for 20 seconds. This can be cured before the effect wears out if the player injects themselves with the Antidote Syringe.


Syringes come in a few variants:

  • Syringe: The default Syringe received upon crafting.
  • Syringe (Filled): The Syringe filled with an entity's blood. A player's blood will appear red inside the Syringe and is known as normal 'Blood', while any other entity's blood is known as 'Green Mob Blood', which, as the name suggests is green.
  • Syringe (Centrifuged): A Centrifuged Syringe is a Syringe that has been filled with an entity's blood, and has been centrifuged in a Centrifuge. All Syringes need to be centrifuged after extracting a sample of blood from an entity in order to be used.


The Syringe is used along Advanced Genetics' procedure of acquiring an ability. First, the entity that has the ability the player desires must be injected and have a blood sample taken from it; this will either be green mob blood or normal player blood. The Syringe must then be inserted into a Centrifuge, which will centrifuge it and allow it to inject its contents into an entity.

The Syringe can be combined with a Gene (Completed) in a DNA Combiner and injected into an entity to give them the ability contained within the Gene (Completed).


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