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Please read the Getting Started Guide for Witchery before reading this.

Symbol Magic

Getting started

Symbol Magic is a unique form of witchcraft within Witchery. It can be performed using a Mystic Branch. To obtain the Mystic Branch, the player will need to perform a Rite of Infusion, using a 7x7 circle and an 11x11 circle of ritual glyphs. It requires 3000 Altar power, with an Ent Twig and a Mystic Unguent as the foci items. It can only be performed at night.

Then, the player will need to become infused. Once the player has the Mystic Branch and is infused, they are ready to begin performing Symbol Magic.


Symbol Magic uses gestures to perform effects. Gestures are defined as the way the player moves their Mystic Branch while the right mouse button is being held down. For example, moving the branch up twice, then left, then down will dig the targeted block. Performing gestures uses a very small amount of infusion power. If the gesture is valid, it will appear as text with the according name. If not, it will simply do nothing.

Gesture Effect Effect Name
Left click Deflect branch effects
Up-Left-Up-Up-Right Strengthen a block Cave Inimicum
Left-Left-Up-Down-Down Fires projectile that damages creatures in an area. The projectile does more damage if the caster is low on health. Ignianima***
Right-Right-Up-Down-Down Damages the caster to restore infusion power. The damage is added to Blood Magic life points. Carnosa Diem**
Up-Up-Left-Right-Right Summon a dark skull that floats and causes creatures to stay away from it. Morsmordre*
Down-Down-Left-Right-Right Cast the victim to eternal Torment. Tormentum****
Left-Up-Right-Right-Down Grab item entity in world Accio
Up-Up-Right-Right-Down Create water Aguamenti
Right-Up-Right-Right-Down Open locked door Alohomora
Left-Left-Down-Down-Right Lock a door Colloportus
Left-Left-Up-Up-Right Cause confusion Confundus
Down-Left-Down-Down-Right Very minor damage Crucio
Up-Up-Left-Down Dig a block Defodio
Up-Left-Up-Right-Left-Up-Right Remove stun effects Ennervate
Right-Up-Left-Down-Down-Right Very minor heal, causes hunger Episkey
Up-Up-Down Disarm Expelliarmus
Right-Right-Left Push target away Flipendo
Left-Left-Right Slow down oncoming target Impedimenta
Right-Down-Down-Down-Down Control creature Imperio
Left-Up-Up-Down-Down Start fire on block Incendio
Down-Down-Down-Right Create light block Lumos
Up-Up-Up-Right-Right-Down-Up-Right-Right-Down-Down Stop rain Meteolojinx Recanto
Up-Up-Right-Down-Right-Up Breaks or destroys light sources in a 10-block radius. Nox
Right-Right-Up-Left-Up-Right Stun target Stupefy

*A Soul of Fear Demon must be consumed before this effect can be used.

**A Soul of Hunger Demon must be consumed before this effect can be used.

***A Soul of Anguish Demon must be consumed before this effect can be used.

****A Soul of Torment Demon must be consumed before this effect can be used.

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