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Sylvan Robe

Armor rating6 (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svg)

The Sylvan Robe is a chestplate armor added by Roots. The Sylvan Robe will automatically repair when equipped; each tick, there is a 1/80 chance of one durability being repaired, or a 25% chance of one durability being repaired per second. Additionally, when the full armor set is worn, Spells created will be created with double the "efficiency" (durability).


The Sylvan Robe is created in a Ritual. It requires a Diamond, a Leather Tunic and a Vine to be placed on the Casting Altar and two Birch Barks, one Golden Apple and one Poppy to be burned in the Incense Brazier. The Ritual requires Attuned Standing Stones to be placed around it.

Runic Tablet entry

With your new, stronger altar, you might want your apparel to follow suit. Using some leather armor as a base, you have managed to create a form of magically-cooperative robe. This equipment doesn't have the best protection, but it will auto-repair and boost the efficiency modifier of your spells by two.
Runic Tablet


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