Swet (The Aether)

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Swets are mobs found in the Aether. They are similar in appearance to medium-sized Slimes, but behave differently. Swets can spawn in any light level, and attack both non-swet mobs and the player. They attack by capturing their victim inside of their body, jump high in the air, and then falling to the ground, which causes fall damage. Swets can easily be killed, and die upon successfully completing an attack. Also, they do not split on death. Most Swets are blue; but there are also gold Swets, which jump much higher, thus dealing more damage.


Blue swets drop in between one and four blocks of Blue Aercloud, gold swets drop in between one and four blocks of glowstone. Both swets drop Swetty balls.

You can right click on a blue swet to ride it and null some fall damage while increasing jump height. To dismount, you right click. While riding in a blue swet, left clicking will have the effect of targeting the swet. So, if you attack with a sword while riding inside a swet, you will quickly kill it. Since you can take normal damage from other mobs and are unable to attack back, it is inadvisable to ride a swet into battle. Gold swets however cannot be ridden and vanish upon right clicking (but they can be mounted with Single Player Commands). When mounting a swet you only see their insides in first person mode, so you can use second or third person mode to make things easier.


  • Gold swets have a lower spawn rate than blue swets.