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TC4 Aspects

Sweed is a crop added by Thaumic Bases. When harvested it drops its own Seeds, Sugar Canes, and Sugar. It is able to spread onto neighboring blocks.


Thaumonomicon entry

Thaumaturhy [sic] is rich in directions it affects. Alchemy, Infusion, Enchanting... Thaumaturgy can do everything... However, most thaumaturges ignore a very important aspect - the plants and plantlife. You, however, are not "most thaumaturges". This direction of researches [sic] promises alot [sic], you can already see the possibilities of this. Well, it is so research rich that even this fact has allowed you to figure out the creation of the first Thaumic Plant - the Sweed. This is technically a weed. However, should you let it grow for a little - it will grow to a full size, and can be harvested to drop sugar and reeds. However, it should be watched over, since it does rapidly spreads [sic]!
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