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Support Frame

ModRedPower 2
TypeSolid block

The Support Frame is a block added by RedPower 2 used in conjunction with the Frame Motor.



The Support Frame will behave like a normal block, and can be most efficiently broken with a Pickaxe. When placed against the active side of a powered Frame Motor, the Support Frame will move, dragging all blocks it is touching with it. If any of the blocks it is touching are trapped by other blocks, it will not move.

Should the Support Frame be touching another Support Frame, the same rules will apply, with all blocks touching that Support Frame moved as well.

The exception to this is when the Support Frame has Covers or Panels placed inside it. Covers placed inside the Support Frame will stop any blocks on the side of the cover moving with the Support Frame. Panels will, when placed in the Support Frame, allow RedPower 2 logic gates and cables to be placed directly on the Support Frame. Cables and gates placed this way will move with the Support Frame.

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