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Sun's Blessing
ModMowzie's Mobs

Sun's Blessing is a status effect added by Mowzie's Mobs. It can be received by trading with Barako, the Sun Chief or by using the Receive Sun's Blessing creative item.

When applied to a player, that player can call down sun strikes by right clicking any block with an empty hand. Sun strikes deal 4.5 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) damage and sets mobs on fire for 5 seconds in a small radius on impact. There is a 2.75 seconds cooldown between uses.

By sneaking and right clicking, the player can fire a solar beam for 2.75 seconds, dealing 2 (Heart.svg) damage to all entities on its path every time it can. There is a 5.5 seconds cooldown between uses and each use removes 2 minutes from the blessing's remaining duration.