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Storage Crate

TypeSolid block

The Storage Crate is a storage block and multiblock structure from the BetterStorage mod. Storage Crates will connect to each other when placed adjacent to each other, specifically in a cube-like shape. Crates will only connect if the player places them on other crates, by using the sneak-use button. Placing connected crates will increase their storage capacity by 18 slots per crate. This increased inventory can be accessed from any of the shared crates. Storage Crates that are connected will be visibly apparent by their darker and thicker outlines.

The GUI of the Storage Crate will display a bar that shows the storage capacity. Items in the Storage Crates will be randomly moved around every time the player opens it, making it possible to access all items in large crates that cannot have all of their slots shown by the GUI.

The number of crates allowed in a single crate pile is seemingly infinite, though figuring out where crates will connect can become increasingly tricky as the pile expands.

The Storage Crate is used in the creation of the Crafting Station.