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This page is about the general term. For the Applied Energistics Storage Block, see Storage Block.

Storage Blocks are a way of compressing multiple Ingots or Gems into a single block in order to save space. They can also be used decoratively.


Most storage blocks can be created in the following manner.

Storage blocks can be converted back into ingots or gems like so.

GregTech 5

With GregTech 5 by default storage blocks require the Compressor to be created.

Storage blocks made with gems can still be crafted back into gems, but those made from ingots require a Furnace or Alloy Smelter to be split apart.

Total: ? EU
Usage: ? EU/t
Voltage: ? EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 6 secs

In addition, all storage blocks may be macerated into Dusts in the Macerator.