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ModExtra Utilities 2
TypeSolid block

Stoneburnt is a decorative block and crafting component added by Extra Utilities 2.

As a decorative block, it is a smooth dark grey with a darker border. The block has connected texture support and can be used for a variety of border effects.

As a crafting component it is required for many of the Extra Utilities machines. It takes Grid Power to make and is required by all but the most basic Grid Power mills. It is also used in the Player Chest, Indexer, Wireless RF Battery, Wireless RF Transmitter, Quantum Quarry, Quantum Quarry Actuator, and the Screen.


Since most mid-tier and upper-tier GP mills require Stoneburnt to craft, the Resonator will initially need to be powered by a Solar Panel, Lunar Panel or Manual Mill.

Stoneburnt in a variety of configurations

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