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本文介绍的是建筑 Mod (BuildCraft) 的斯特林引擎(又名蒸汽引擎) (Stirling Engine) 。关于其他类型的蒸汽引擎,请参见Steam Engine.
Stirling Engine.png

RF储存10,000 RF
最大RF输出10 RF/刻

斯特林引擎,曾用名蒸汽引擎,是BuildCraft中第二等级的引擎, 每刻可输出10RF(即10RF/t)。


FTB Infinity Evolved

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材料 燃烧时间
岩浆桶 20分钟又40秒
煤炭,木炭 1分钟又20秒
原木,木板 15秒
树苗,木棍 5秒


When the engine is first turned on, it will not immediately output 10 RF/t. Its output will scale up to 10 RF/t as its stored energy increases, reaching maximum at 3,749 RF stored (100 C heat).

If the Redstone signal is shut down, the engine will stop outputting power, and its stored energy will be lost at a rate of 10 RF/t. The engine will not stop consuming its current item of fuel, but it will not start burning another item of fuel unless the signal is restored.

If the engine is not connected to an appropriate power consumer and accumulates more than 3,750 RF (about 107 C heat), it will shift to a lower-power mode and reduce its output to 3 RF/t. It will however not reduce its fuel consumption. The engine will not shift out of this lower-power mode until either its fuel runs out, or the engine is manually switched off long enough for its stored energy to drop below 3,750.

An active Stirling Engine, fired with coal

从BuildCraft 6.2起,引擎不再因温度过高而爆炸,而是会导致过热停机。


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