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This page is about the Stirling Engine from BuildCraft. For other Steam Engines, see Steam Engine.
Stirling Engine
Stirling Engine.png

RF storage10,000 RF
Max RF output10 RF/t

The Stirling Engine, formerly called the Steam Engine, is the second tier of engine in BuildCraft and provides 10 Redstone Flux per tick (RF/t).


FTB Infinity Evolved

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The Stirling Engine must be fueled with Saplings, Coal, Wood, or a Lava Bucket and it must be activated with a Redstone signal. It can be used to power a variety of machines such as the Mining Well. It can be connected to other Stirling Engines to add power, or can be connected to a Kinesis Pipe to transport that power elsewhere.


The Stirling Engine provides 10 RF/t. The following items are burnable and last for specific amounts of time before being consumed:

Material Burn Time
Lava bucket 20 min 40 sec
Coal, Charcoal 1 min 20 sec
Wood, Wood Planks 15 sec
Saplings, Sticks 5 sec

The smaller colored side of the Stirling Engine is the side which is providing power. The orientation of the engine can be changed using a Wrench. A Stirling Engine will not overheat unless it is not powering anything and it builds up 10,000 RF (1000 C heat) internally. Click the engine with a Wrench to re-enable the engine after overheating.

When the engine is first turned on, it will not immediately output 10 RF/t. Its output will scale up to 10 RF/t as its stored energy increases, reaching maximum at 3,749 RF stored (100 C heat).

If the Redstone signal is shut down, the engine will stop outputting power, and its stored energy will be lost at a rate of 10 RF/t. The engine will not stop consuming its current item of fuel, but it will not start burning another item of fuel unless the signal is restored.

If the engine is not connected to an appropriate power consumer and accumulates more than 3,750 RF (about 107 C heat), it will shift to a lower-power mode and reduce its output to 3 RF/t. It will however not reduce its fuel consumption. The engine will not shift out of this lower-power mode until either its fuel runs out, or the engine is manually switched off long enough for its stored energy to drop below 3,750.

An active Stirling Engine, fired with coal

Since BuildCraft 6.2, engines now overheat and no longer explode at a high temperature

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