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Sticky Resin

ModIndustrialCraft 2

Sticky Resin is an item added by IndustrialCraft 2. It is the raw material used to make Rubber and Sticky Dynamite, and can be used in alternative recipes for Sticky Pistons and Torches.

Sticky Resin is obtained through "Resin Spots" which generate randomly on individual blocks of Rubber Trees. Sticky Resin is extracted from these spots either by breaking the blocks (for 1 Resin) or by using a Treetap on the spots for 1-3 Resin. Resin spots can be tapped once every few days.

Alternatively, if Forestry is available, Propolis can be Centrifuged into Sticky Resin.

IHL Tools & Machines and GregTech 5 each add additional ways to produce and consume Sticky Resin.

GregTech 6 adds its own oredict compatible version called Rubber Resin.