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Stellar Refraction Table

ModAstral Sorcery
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance45

The Stellar Refraction Table is a block added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to engrave glass to create potions and enchant items or books.

The table has two slots - the first one accepts Parchment, Water Bottles, Books and enchantable items, the second accepts Infused Glass and Engraved Glass. Right clicking the table with them will insert the item, shift-right clicking with an empty hand will remove items instead.

The block's GUI.

Right clicking the table will open the GUI. The left and right sides of the GUI contain constellations currently up in the sky known to the player. The top shows the inserted items. When parchment and an unengraved Infused Glass is inserted, dragging constellation images from the slots on the side will attempt to draw them on the parchment. The chance to draw the constellation depends on time of night (highest at midnight) and the amount of constellations already drawn on the parchment (decreases with more drawings). If drawing fails, all drawings will be removed and one parchment will be consumed. Once 3 constellations are drawn, the glass will be engraved.

The levels of enchantments or potion effects applied by the engraved glass depends on the overlap of the drawn constellations. For best result, around 25% of the drawings should be overlapping. If a single constellation is multiple times, the strength of its effect is the average of all of its drawing's effects.

Putting a water bottle in the table with an engraved glass will convert it into "Stardew" - a potion with the glass's engraved constellations' effects. The duration of each of the effects is a random number between 4,800 ticks (4 minutes) and 7,200 ticks (6 minutes). There's a 1 in 30 chance the resulting potion will have the Phoenix-Fire potion effect added. Making potions on the table has a 1 in 3 chance to damage the glass.

Putting a book or an unenchanted enchantable item in the table with an engraved glass will enchant it with the glass's engraved constellations' enchantments. Enchantments are added in the order of the constellations listed on the glass's tooltip. If any enchantments are conflicting (i.e. Fortune and Silk Touch), only the first will be added unless the following ones ignore conflicts. Enchanting on the table always damages the glass.

Constellation effects

Constellation Potion effects Enchantments[1]
Discidia Strength I-IV Sharpness III-VII
Armara Resistance I-III Protection III-V
Vicio Speed II-IV Feather Falling III-V
Aevitas Regeneration I-IV Mending I-III[note 1]
Evorsio Haste II-IV Efficiency III-V
Lucerna Night Vision I-III Night Vision
Mineralis Haste I-IV Fortune I-III
Horologium Speed II-V
Haste VI-IX
Fortune III-VI
Looting III-VI
Octans Water Breathing III-V Respiration II-IV
Bootes Saturation III-VI Silk Touch
Fornax Fire Resistance I Fire Aspect I-III
Flame I-II[note 1]
Scorching Heat
Pelotrio Regeneration III-V
Absorption II-V
Lure IV-VI
Gelu Resistance II-III
Fire Resistance I
Slowness I-II
Frost Walker I-II
Feather Falling I-IV
Unbreaking II-IV
Ulteria Absorption I-III
Regeneration II
Weakness II-III
Unbreaking II-III
Fire Protection IV-VI
Blast Protection IV-VI
Projectile Protection IV-VI[note 2]
Alcara Luck III-V
Invisibility I-II
Hunger II-III
Sweeping Edge III-VII
Lure II-V
Luck of the Sea III-VI
Vorux Strength III-IV
Resistance I-II
Mining Fatigue II-IV
Smite IV-VII
Bane of Arthropods IV-VII
Sharpness III-IV
Power III-IV[note 2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 Higher levels of the enchantment are applied despite having no additional effect.
  2. 2.0 2.1 All enchantments in this set are applied even if they would conflict.


Starlight: 80%

Astral Tome Entry

The table seems to be able to work with up to three different constellations at once before the overlapping luminescence begins to create too much light pollution. Additionally, the table seems to require the deep cover of night to work best, eliminating other sources of interfering light from the sky.

The placement of constellations seems to have great impact to their dominance in the final pattern. The fewer overlapping points from each constellation's influence, the stronger their presence will be in the final drawing.
Astral Tome