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This page is about the Steel Sheep mod. For other uses, see Steel Sheep.
Steel Sheep
Modicon steelsheep
Current developersBlorph, Mitchellbrine
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10

Steel Sheep is a mod made by Blorph and Mitchellbrine, inspired from The Far Side cartoons. As the name suggests, it adds a Steel Sheep to the game, which is an evolved version of the normal Sheep. Steel Sheep also adds new armor, made from Steel Wool.


Ages ago, before player, elf, or villager walked the Overworld, evolution still found ways to adapt. Sheep learned to run from wolves, and learned to live far away from them. But some stubborn sheep refused to flee from their predators. As evolution took its course, their soft wool grew harder and harder as they exchanged fiber for ferrum; elasticity for strength; and comfort for combat. The players were, at this time, a new race. They were killing and skinning sheep for their wool, so they could sleep comfortably in their caves. That is, until a player encountered a steel sheep. They took their shears, and found that the wool simply didn't cut. They got closer to the sheep, closer and closer, until they were right up to it, and cut the wool at its roots. It scratched the player as they cut it off, but they took no mind. Then, they heard a horrible sound; the steel sheep's cry of pain. The player was swarmed by the other steel sheep, and killed easily. The races of the Overworld, with the elves torn by a mysterious crisis to a world named Alfheim, and the villagers, hiding in their houses, were too weak to deal with the sheep. But errant players still come and try their luck at shearing these sheep for their bounty; metal, renewable and cheap.
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Walking Cows[]

Walking Cow

If the player is at least ten blocks away from a cow, it stands on its hind legs. Coming any closer will cause the cow to return to it's regular crawl-like stance. This is only a visual effect; cows cannot break blocks or use tools.

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