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Steel Purifier

Required power16384 W
Required torque64 Nm

The Steel Purifier is a machine in RotaryCraft. It is used to transform Steel Ingots (OreDictionary: ingotSteel) from other mods into RotaryCraft HSLA Steel Ingots.



By default, Steel Ingots from other mods cannot be used in RotaryCraft recipes. The Steel Purifier makes those Steel Ingots useful, by converting them into HSLA Steel Ingots. Similar to the Blast Furnace, the Steel Purifier consumes Gunpowder and Sand and requires a temperature of at least 600C to operate. As with the Blast Furnace, the Steel Purifier will operate more quickly when fed higher temperatures. However, the Steel Purifier will melt down if its temperature reaches 1000C.