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Steel Gearbox

ModBetter With Mods
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textGearboxes get overpowered when the Windmill spins too quickly, disable it with Redstone before this happen!
Blast resistance2.0

The Steel Gearbox is a gearbox added by Better With Mods. It is used to transfer Mechanical Power with the help of Axles to power other machines from the mod. The Gearbox will stop transferring Mechanical Power when it is provided with a Redstone signal. It can be rotated by shift right-clicking it with an empty hand. Unlike the Wooden Gearbox, the Steel Gearboxes are not affected by storms but can break from being overloaded. Broken Steel Gearboxes are unusable to transfer power but can be crafted back into Steel Gearboxes in a Crafting Table.


Input and Output

Mechanical Power (via Axles) must be inserted through this face of the Gearbox:

Steel Gearbox Input.png

The Gearbox can output to any side except the one it is inputting power from.


Here is an example of a Mechanical Power Setup:

Mechanical Power Setup.png

The Windmill is turning, feeding power into an Axle (in this case a Wooden Axle, meaning there can only be up to 3) which then transfers through Gearboxes (in this case, Wooden Gearboxes) and so on.

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