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This page is about the Railcraft Steam Turbine. For other uses, see Steam Turbine.
Steam Turbine

Required modulesElectricity
Max EU output200 EU/t
EU production200 EU/t
Steam usage320

The Steam Turbine is a multiblock structure from the Railcraft mod. This multiblock structure is used to convert Steam to IndustrialCraft 2's Energy Units (EU). This multiblock structure is built out of 12 Steam Turbine Housings. It can output up to 200 EU/t, and requires 320 Steam/tick input. The Steam Turbine requires a Turbine Rotor to operate, though this will break after several real-time days, and will need to be replaced for it to continue creating power. When a Rotor reaches 40% durability, it can trigger a BuildCraft Gate condition that will indicate its need of maintenance. This structure is built in a 3x2x2 and cannot be built directly next to another Steam Turbine; they must have at least one block in between them.


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