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This page is about the Steam Networks in Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Steam Networks.
Steam Networks
ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Steam Systems
In my investigation into the inner-workings of this world, I have happened upon a wondrous discovery! When heated, water becomes gaseous, producing white plumes of steam. Furthermore, when this process takes place in a contained system, the pressure increases.
Using an assortment of pipes, tanks, and various machines, I can create a system to store, measure and regulate this steam pressure in order to harness its potential energy to useful and profitable ends. However, the journey toward the invention of these components forced me to revise the way I thought of steam.
I had to first realize that steam is not a liquid, but a gas. Due to its natural tendency to expand as much as possible, steam quickly flows throughout my entire network of pipes, tanks and other machines when introduced. Therefore, as system volume increases, the pressure added by inserting a given amount of steam decreases.
It is for this reason that I must balance the size of a given steam system with the rate at which steam can be generated. If the system is too large, the pressure increases too slowly to provide adequate steam to my machines. If the system is too small, I do not have a sufficient buffer of steam to power my machines for long.
No proper process of invention or industry is free of risk, however. The materials at my disposal, while quite durable, can only withstand a finite amount of strain. If I am not diligent, I may create more pressure than the system can handle, resulting in catastrophic failure, destroying components and damaging my surroundings.
Using gauges, I can measure the pressure in the system. I know that if the needle is to the far right and dancing wildly, I am approaching dangerous levels. I could use a valve to release some steam, or, if I have thought ahead, attach rupture discs which will fail before my more fragile components, particularly my boilers.
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In Flaxbeard's Steam Power, a Steam Network, also referred to as the SteamNet, is a combination of pressure, steam amounts, and various functionality relating to the way steam works in the mod.

Most blocks in the mod require a steam network in order to function. As such, they will attempt to join an existing steam network through their adjacent blocks, or, if that is impossible, create a new one.

Each Steam Network has a unique identifier, which is never relevant to the user, a set steam capacity, and a set pressure capacity. The steam and pressure capacities can, if exceeded, result in catastrophic system meltdowns– explosions. These can be prevented by using the wimp mode configuration option, or taking proper precautions such as using Steam Whistles, Rupture Discs, Steam Gauges, and redstone contraptions.

The steam capacity increases each time a new storage device is added to the network, such as a new Steam Tank or Pipe. Likewise, it decreases when devices are removed from the network. The steam in the mod represents a gas, so it expands throughout the network immediately. The network's pressure also increases with this new steam. Machines all require a certain amount of steam and pressure in order to operate.

Pressure and steam are both dependent on the size of the network, and the amount of steam being fed in/out of it. When a network is large, the amount of steam being fed into it also needs to be large, otherwise, the network's global pressure will not be high enough for most machines to operate. Likewise, when the size of a network is too small compared to how much steam being fed into it, the network may enter a meltdown.

The network refreshes each time a new device is added, or the steam amount is increased. If neither of these things are happening, it will refresh every 40 ticks, or 2 seconds.


Version history
0.24CHANGE: Complete rewrite of steam system. Does not require server reset, but existing steam systems will lose all steam they currently have.
0.250ADDITION: Added wimp mode for those that can’t handle the full power of steam (no explosions)
ADDITION: Steam system entry in Esteemed Innovation
BUGFIX: Fixed several other crashes related to the new steam system
0.251NOTE: Steam in existing steam networks will disappear with this update.
BUGFIX: Steam should no longer disappear from a steam network when its chunk unloads
BUGFIX: Various oddities that occurred in the steam network when connecting/disconnecting pipes with the wrench have been addressed.

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