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Steam Locomotive

TypeTile entity
Required modulesLocomotives

The Steam Locomotive is a special type of minecart from the Railcraft mod. This cart is powered by solid fuels and water, instead of faster tracks.

The Steam Locomotive has three modes: Running, Idle, and Shutdown. Shutdown mode is essentially turning off the locomotive. Idle will keep the fuel being consumed to keep the internal boiler hot, but will not move. This mode can be useful for short stops, and refueling it with Item Loaders. The Running mode is the basic "on" mode. This mode will allow the locomotive to run as normal, consuming as much fuel as needed.

The locomotive also has various arrow buttons. These buttons are used to control the speed and direction of the locomotive. It can be put into reverse, but will only move at minimum speed. It defaults at maximum speed.

There are 4 basic inventory slots, which are used to carry fuel. The main slot is what the locomotive will use to actually create the steam, the other three slots are just a buffer. Next to that is a water tank, which can hold 6000mB at a time. It can be given water by using a water container on it, or by putting it into the GUI directly. The steam tank can hold 16,000mB at a time. A locomotive will be running at maximum efficiency when its boiler is fully warmed up at 500ºC.

The locomotive can be given Golden Railway Tickets or normal Railway Tickets to help in switching and signaling mechanics. The ticket should be put in the slot, and it will mimic it, or use it, depending on the type of ticket. Once this is set the location cannot be removed, unless it is hit with a Crowbar. The ticket can be locked with the lock button. This will not prevent its destination from disappearing on break, but it will prevent anyone else from changing it.

Multiple locomotives can be used in a single train of linked carts for adding more power and speed. Locomotives can be quickly turned around around by using a Crowbar on it. For switching purposes, the locomotive can also be painted. This will use a secondary color and a primary color.

When a player gets in the way of a moving Locomotive, they will be damaged, and quickly killed. This has custom death messages. Player in these changes from player-to-player, just like the vanilla Minecraft death messages:

  • Player got hit by a train
  • Player was playing on the tracks
  • Player played chicken with a train; the train won
  • Player caught the wrong train
  • Player bought a one-way ticket to the afterlife
  • Player should have worn his Overalls


The following recipe is available if the Steam module is enabled.

The following recipe is only available if the Steam module is disabled.


The top dye is used as the primary color, while the bottom dye is used as the secondary color.