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This page is about the Steam Exosuit added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Steam Exosuit.
Steam Exosuit

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Exosuit
I've been able to manipulate the world to my desire using the power of steam... What left is there to improve but me?
This is where my exosuit comes in, a versatile armor set powered by steam.

Upgrades can be placed in the suit using an engineering table. First things first, I need to place a steam tank in the cuboid shaped slot in the exosuit chestpiece. I then can fill the chestpiece with steam.
A full set of exosuit parts will provide a small mining and speed boost, but without steam I will be slowed.
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The Steam Exosuit is a configurable armor set from Flaxbeard's Steam Power. This armor set allows for configuration of upgrades, armor plating, steam storage, and coloration. Each Exosuit piece can be configured in the Engineering Table with two slots per piece. Exosuit Upgrades each have their own defined slot, so configuration can be somewhat specific.

The Exosuit requires a tank in order to operate fully. Without this tank, and steam inside it, the player wearing the suit will move much slower, and not have any of the perks of the suit, including upgrades and protection.

Each Exosuit piece can have a single Exosuit Plate added to it in the Engineering Table, in the Plate slot. For expanded coloration, Exosuit pieces can be dyed simply with vanilla Minecraft's dyes, in the Vanity slot in the Table.

Wearing a full Exosuit with power will cause the speed in which blocks are broken by the player to increase by a multiplier of 1.2.


Version history
Prerelease14BUGFIX: You no longer instantly die when hurt wearing an exosuit
Prerelease17CHANGE: Config added for passive steam consumption on the exosuit
CHANGE: Exosuit recipe includes pistons
Prerelease20BUGFIX: Fixed crashes related to the exosuit
0.23.0BUGFIX: Exosuit now correctly grants armor points
BUGFIX: Fixed exosuit model related memory leaks
0.24.0BUGFIX: Exosuit now correctly grants armor points
BUGFIX: Fixed exosuit model related memory leaks
0.260ADDITION: Added 'Vanity Slot' to all exosuit pieces.
ADDITION: Wearing the full exosuit grants step assist
CHANGE: Exosuit only consumes steam while moving
0.264FIX: Exosuit no longer causes a memory leak. Memory usage will go up when it is worn, still. It just won't continously go up until your computer dies; it's stable now.
0.265 FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed rendering and memory leak with Exosuit (#121)
FIX: (dmillerw) Disabling the exosuit no longer causes crash (#126)
0.270FIX: Steam Heater and Exosuits no longer get their icons server-side.
0.274NEW: Exosuit steam consumption rate is now configurable (#184)
0.2810FIX: Fatal crash and prevention of world load when Botania is installed and an Exo piece is installed before/without the chestplate (#97, #299, #300, and #301)
0.2811FIX: Exosuit things actually render/update when placed on armor stands and things now. This might also effect when they are worn by a player, but I can't remember. (#144)
0.2812FIX: Fix server crash bug relating to the Exosuit rendering (#322)
0.290FIX: Fixed the Exosuit rendering bug in which the arms would stay in place as if they were constantly aiming a bow, typically occurring after using a Flintlock Weapon, although that is not necessarily relevant to the bug aside from testing (#305).
FIX: Improve performance of Steam Exosuit, Survivalist's Toolkit, and Steam Tool events (#354).
NEW: Exosuit steam will now automatically power the steam tools if they run out.
0.292FIX: Drain the proper amount of steam from the Exosuit when the tools have run out of steam, and they get revved (#400).
FIX: Use EntityLivingBase#ticksExisted instead of our own integer to check when to remove the good and bad Exosuit boosts. We try only once per second instead of 5 times per second to remove them now. This inadvertently resolves an issue where the bad boost was not removed if the last piece of armor removed was not the chest plate (#413).

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